It is essential that your students get the proper guidance and instruction to prepare them for fundamentals of nursing care.

The American Nurses Association’s Essentials of Nursing Practice Package contains the authoritative texts on nursing that provide essential information on the foundation of the profession that every nursing student should have. Within the pages, your students will find information regarding nursing practice, thinking and decision-making. Whether your students are new to nursing, experienced nurses who want to stay updated or they have legal, agency or regulatory interests in nursing, these books provide an important knowledge base.

The series helps your students:

  • Better understand the scope of the practice and professional standards of nursing

  • Be better prepared to meet the challenges of everyday practice

  • Grasp the implications and importance of nursing within society

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After requesting your review copies, if you adopt the Essentials of Nursing Practice Package as part of your curriculum, you will receive a FREE copy of Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses Faculty Pak.

Guide to the Code of Ethics Faculty Pak

The American Nurses Association’s Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses Faculty Pak introduces the concept of ethics and the nurse’s responsibility to use the Guide to the Code of Ethics as a guide to clinical decision-making. The Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses Faculty Pak provides faculty with various assignments that can be utilized to prepare students for the ethical challenges that they will face in the health care environment.

The Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses Faculty Pak will contain:

  • Faculty Guide

    The Faculty Guide details the importance of ethics in nursing practice and provides an overview of all of the assignments included in the Faculty Pak.

  • 3 PowerPoint Slide Decks

    The 3 PowerPoint Slide Decks correspond to the 3 sections of the code and provide an overview of each provision of the Guide to the Code of Ethics.

  • 2 Discussion Assignments

    The Discussions prompt students to analyze and respond to questions on the issues of flawed research and the nurse’s role in social justice.

  • 2 Mini-Paper Assignments

    The Mini-Paper Assignments include a paper that focuses on the distinction between an ethical dilemma and a moral dilemma, as well as a paper that allows students to analyze an article of their own choosing that focuses on a health care provider’s decision versus the patient’s wishes.

  • 3 Group Assignments

    The Group Assignments include a Case Study Peer Analysis, a Code of Ethics Provision Analysis and a Presentation on the Ethical Aspects of Innovation. These assignments challenge students to work together as a team to research, analyze and present their findings on ethical issues.